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Throughout the 2022-2023 school year, Station5One will be providing a Sports Day Camp when school is not in session.  If you have children in K-6th grade who are interested in this fun alternative to day care, please consider joining us on any of the dates listed below that camp is offered. Campers should bring a water bottle and provide their own morning and afternoon snack and a sack lunch.

Camp Dates:

       SEP.           OCT.            NOV.           DEC.          JAN.            FEB.            MAR.          APR.            30             10              7, 23          19-23       2, 3, 16        20, 21          27-31           10                                                                  26-30  

Camp Times: 7:30 am-5:30 pm 

Camp Cost: $35/Day

*Minimum number of campers is needed to be registered 1 week prior to each date. Station5One will contact parents 1 week before camp if not enough campers are signed up.                         

Registration Deadline: 1 WEEK prior to desired date of attendance EXCEPT

Holiday Camps:  Deadline is December 9, 2022 & Spring Break Camp:  Deadline is March 13, 2023

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